Make a Splash With These Five Tips for a Brand Refresh

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The volatility of recent months and the shifting needs and wants of consumers has required creativity and flexibility, particularly when it comes to brands working hard to meet the new expectations in this new normal. This often requires a deep dive into your marketing and branding plans and necessary updates to your message. Hutchinson Consulting partner Carol Stratford has some valuable tips to consider when refreshing your brand:

  1. Know Your Target Market
    Has your target shifted? Is there more than one? Knowing who your trying to reach and understanding their motivations will help ensure your brand refresh is on point.
  2. Research the Competition 
    Understanding what your competition is doing is a good way to find out where your brand fits into the overall landscape. Don’t be afraid to be different in order for your brand to stand out. 
  3. Define Your Core Messaging 
    Once you have defined your audience and you have researched your competition, you will be ready to prioritize your core messaging, focusing on what is unique about your brand and what is relevant to your target. 
  4. Look Beyond Today
    You want this brand refresh to be relevant now and in the future. When thinking about the changes you would like to make, ensure it fits with what you have planned. 
  5. Don’t Throw It All Away 
    Some things might not need to be changed in your rebrand. Make sure you take stock and don’t get rid of what is working or has brand equity. 

Are you ready to bring your brand front-and-center? We are here to help. Contact Carol at carol@hutchinsonconsulting.com for a free consultation and to learn how we can help you make it happen!

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