The Challenge

The reservations office was relocated, and new sales agents were hired. Although the property was like new and positive PR around the re-launch had been generated, the conversion rate was extremely low at 19%.

How We Solved It

Evaluate the staff and the call center sales process to improve conversions and ultimately increase revenue.

Hutchinson visited the property to understand the unique selling points and the customer base. Simultaneously, each of the agents were evaluated via a personality test. The test was used to identify the top sales personalities out of the group. In addition, a sales-pro profile was created. The resort can now continue to use this profile to identify future salespeople in the on-going hiring process.

A completely new call script/flow was designed to better showcase the property. A new incentive program was developed, further motivating the sales agents to convert calls.

Onsite training using the new script/flow was performed at the call center. This consisted of script overview, role playing, listening to test calls and on-floor evaluations.

The Result

Prior to the start of training, the call conversion was 19%. Over a two-month period after Hutchinson’s involvement, the call conversion increased to an average of 39%. After continued training and monthly call testing, the new conversion rate is averaging 45%. The conversion rate has averaged 45% consistently for over a year.