Our Founder

In Memoriam
Lori Hutchinson founded Hutchinson Consulting in 1993, and shaped it into a global leader in hospitality management recruiting. One of her first recruits was her husband, Bill Hutchinson. For more than two decades they worked together to expand their business into new areas– principally the booming worldwide spa industry — and to develop the winning team that now represents their brand so well. Prior to Lori’s untimely death in 2016, she chose her successor by inviting Michael Tompkins to join the firm alongside her husband Bill. They have worked together at creating the vision for the future of Hutchinson Consulting by adding new recruiters and joining forces with Kristine Huffman and Carol Stratford, longtime business associates with Michael. Lori and Bill’s legacy of building Hutchinson Consulting on the foundation of integrity and quality has secured its future as a valued, recognized team in hospitality leadership.