The Challenge

After a considerable investment in truly outstanding additions and updates to the existing facilities at Casa de Campo, the management tasked Hutchinson to remind travelers of this historic property, and to reinvent all the glamour and luxury that made Casa de Campo the choice of celebrities and discerning international travelers over 50 years ago.

How We Solved It

Casa de Campo is a marketer's dream come true. All the accolades that many brands wish to say were true for this brand, all we needed to do was make them front and center. With the tagline "The Best. The Most. The First." – we did just that. Using spectacular photography that captured the breadth and beauty of this paradise, we highlighted all the awards (The Best), all the endless activities (The Most), and its rankings in the world of international travel (The First).

The Result

Since the launch of the campaign, sales at Casa de Campo has broken records for year-over-year growth, with last year being the best year in the property’s 40-year history.