The Hottest New Job in Wellness? Chief Wellness Officer

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COVID-19 has radically impacted the hospitality industry, with many spa and wellness executives facing furloughs and job loss. The skill sets of these pros, however, are extremely appealing in the corporate wellness space. As such, the need for a new type of executive has arisen. Enter the Chief Wellness Officer.

From universities to financial institutions, from hospitals to hotels, corporations are recognizing the importance of attending to the wellness needs of their teams. And they are looking for wellness leaders to help them fil the gap. CWOs are tasked with improving the wellbeing of the team by promoting physical and mental wellness and implementing programs, activities, and strategies to do so. After all, healthy employees are more productive employees.

Ideal candidates for CWO roles have experience in communication, program development, and planning skills and must be an accomplished operational and strategic leaders. Ideally, they understand the concept of professional burnout, stress, and loneliness and can develop strategies to help the team either overcome or avoid the issue by adopting healthier integrative approaches.

At Hutchinson Consulting, with our 20,000-plus candidate database of wellness executives, we have a stable of potential leaders to help fill the growing demand for qualified Chief Wellness Officers. And we are finding great success with these placements as an exciting extension of our executive recruiting offerings.

Is your organization in need of a qualified CWO? Or are you a wellness exec who is ready to transition to an exciting new aspect of our industry? We are here to help! Visit www.hutchinsonconsulting.com to learn more about or email partner Michael Tompkins at michael@hutchinsonconsulting.com

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