Revitalization Series: Revise—Adapt Your Program Offerings to the New Marketplace

Revitalization Relaxing Massage

Hutchinson Consulting partner Kristine Huffman recently teamed with GSN Planet for the first episode of the Revitalization Series—Revise. In this powerful webinar, she addressed new, affordable programming opportunities to create your menu for success and delved into KPIs & ROIs to help guide critical decisions.

Watch this valuable session here:

The webinar offers a number of valuable takeaways. Among them:

• Over 61% of consumers from all generations report a more holistic viewpoint that mental well-being is #1 meaning of Health
• Over 50% of consumers from all generations report that they are experiencing moderate, high or extreme stress levels
• Loneliness and social isolation has become a huge health risk
•The Biohacking Movement is rapidly growing with over 542 investors involved in start-ups
• Spas of all kinds have the means to address these issues
• Spas that have been able to reopen have seen demand

1. Look at KPIs and ROI’S –If you don’t know yours, you’re in trouble.
2. Eliminate losers.
3. Eliminate redundancies.
4. Look at upgrade options for high performing services.
5. Look for new ways to grow your pie. 

• Up-Sells & Add-ons –Service & Retail
• Hands-Free Touch 
• Additional 1:1 or Group In-person Services & Activities
• Technology Driven Services
• Content Based Services (lectures & workshops)
• Remote/Virtual Services
• Memberships and Subscriptions 

Next up in the Revitalization Series is
Refresh—October 6, 3 pm ET
Register here.
Hutchinson partner Carol Stratford will show you how to update your brand and marketing focus by delving into: 

  • The Lens: Look at your company’s unique selling points through 2021 Eyes
  • Target: Understand your customer’s new motivations and develop compelling key message points to attract them
  • Focus: Update your brand look and feel to match your new objectives

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