Networking – Episode Four of Coffee With the Coaches

Coffee with Coaches flyer for episode 4

The fourth edition of Coffee With the Coaches, featuring Hutchinson Consulting partner Michael Tompkins and executive recruiter and marketing specialist Julie Keller Callaghan, focused on networking. If you missed the live session, listen here:

Networking with Michael Tompkins and Julie Keller Callaghan

Here are some helpful tips and takeaways from the session:

Get organized & identify your current connections.

Update your “personal brand.”

  • Ensure your LinkedIn profile and resume are up to date and cohesive; Include a recent professional photograph.
  • If you will be using your other social media accounts to network, be mindful of your posts. If you don’t want potential connections to see your posts, make your account private.
  • Get your “elevator pitch” ready for when you do connect.
    • Know your story and skills and be able to talk about them concisely and clearly
    • Know what you want to learn/get out of the connection and be specific
    • Prepare your questions in advance, and have a follow up strategy
    • Send a thank you and continue to build the relationship 

Focus on social media connections & schedule time to interact.

  • Reach out to your LinkedIn connections, and connect with people to whom you may not be currently connected.
  • Join LinkedIn groups, and follow companies that are of interest
  • Become more active in your social circles.
    • Comment on the status of friends and colleagues.
    • Share articles you think might be helpful.
  • Build your own followers/audience, particularly if you are promoting your own business or brand.

Implement more video vs. phone calls.

Be of service

  • Share resources.
  • Invite connections to be part of a group.
  • Share inspiration.
  • Share research.
  • Share expertise. 

Be authentic.

Check in with no expectations of a response.

Be more patient & extend empathy to others.

Cut yourself some slack.
Remember, this is an unprecedented time for us all. Do what you can and know that it will pay off in the long run. Every little bit helps!

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