Attract Top Talent: 2024 Hospitality Recruiting Trends You Need To Know

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If every unemployed person in the United States found a job, there would still be nearly 2.4 million open jobs, according to a recent report from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. As of April 2024, there are 8.8 million job openings in the U.S., but only 6.4 million unemployed workers, meaning it’s more important than ever to make your company’s open roles stand out to job seekers, and make the application and hiring process an enjoyable one.

There are seemingly infinite factors that play into hiring the ideal candidate, and while your HR department might know what you’re looking for in an ideal candidate, do they know what the competitive hiring landscape looks like? Do they have a broader understanding of what candidates are looking for in your industry? This is where a recruiting firm can supplement your hiring process. By getting to know both the hiring company and the applicable candidates at an intimate level, recruiters are able to pair the right talent with the perfect opportunity. With a dedicated team of experts in recruiting for hospitality management, Hutchinson Consulting, an Arch Company, has had its finger on the pulse of hospitality recruiting trends for more than three decades. Here, discover what Hutchinson Consulting has seen trending in the hospitality recruiting industry for 2024, and how it can impact your company’s hiring decisions.

The Top Hospitality Recruiting Trends of 2024

Qualified Talent is Difficult to Find—and Resistant to Move

Finding and retaining qualified staff is a major hurdle for the hospitality industry. A Los Angeles Times report estimates over 238,000 unfilled positions in U.S. hotels alone. This shortage stems from several factors. Low wages and benefits, often coupled with unpredictable schedules, make hospitality jobs less attractive compared to other sectors. Combined with the lack of standardized work experiences across different companies and locations, qualified talent is often discouraged from moving within hospitality, further hindering the industry’s ability to fill open positions.

An Increase Demand for Physicians and Nurse Practitioners

Specific to the hospitality industry, Hutchinson Consulting has seen an increase in demand for physicians and nurse practitioners, particularly at medical spas and comprehensive wellness facilities. Purdue Global attributes the rise in need to the physician shortage and reduced access to care, though it can likely be attributed to the increase in medical spa market size as well (Market.us recently predicted the global medical spa market size is projected to surpass $59.4B by 2033). Beyond that, the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics predicts nurse practitioners to be the fastest growing occupation in the U.S. for the second year in a row, equating to more than 118,000 new openings from 2022 to 2032.

Employers Are Prioritizing Candidates That Are Better Cultural Fits

At its core, hospitality is about providing excellent service and creating memorable experiences, requiring employees who are passionate about the brand or product they’re supporting. Employees that are a strong cultural fit are crucial for service consistency, engagement, and teamwork, and Forbes reports that culturally aligned candidates are more likely to commit long-term. Defining company culture is the first step: what are your mission and values? How do you recognize success? What’s your approach to performance? These questions matter to job seekers, too. A 2023 study by Great Place To Work found applicants are 15 times more likely to choose a company certified as a great workplace. While industry experience is essential, cultural fit is now a priority for organizations, job seekers, and recruiters alike.

The Importance of Adapting to (and Utilizing) Technology

Hospitality businesses will continue to adopt technology to streamline operations and enhance the guest experience, and employee adaptation to technology is crucial. With more guests utilizing digital platforms and software for bookings, orders, and reservations, hospitality professionals must be able to easily navigate new technology. Proficiency in customer relationship management software, revenue management systems, and reservation platforms is essential for hospitality professionals. Employees who can leverage these technologies can streamline processes, personalize guest experiences, and improve efficiency, ultimately leading to increased guest satisfaction and loyalty, and an increased bottom line.

The Rise of Data-Driven Recruiting Tactics

Data-driven hiring is a method of attracting and selecting candidates based on specific and objective data and metrics rather than relying solely on resumes, gut instinct, or traditional interviewing methods. It is not replacing intuitive-based hiring (as made clear by the rise of cultural fitness hires), rather it supplements existing processes to create a more streamlined recruiting process, improved hiring decisions, and greater diversity and inclusion. Data-driven recruiting utilizes data sets on candidates such as skills and experience as well as the recruitment process like time-to-hire and source-of-hire to optimize hiring decisions. Recruiting firms often have access to data and databases unique to specific industries, making their assistance in data-driven recruiting invaluable.

Should I Use a Hospitality Recruiter?

If a position is taking too long to fill, if your number of applicants are low (or under qualified), if applicants are withdrawing during the interview process, or if you’re putting off billable work to search for candidates, then yes, you should be working with a hospitality recruiter. Recruiters utilize established databases of candidates who might not otherwise have seen your job listing, insights to ensure you’re offering a competitive rate that appeals to quality candidates, and prescreen all applicants to make sure that you, the decision maker, only spend time with potential candidates they know you will approve.

The Final Takeaway

Remember, your team should be your best asset. They are the ones selling your product, selling your brand, and selling the experience you’re creating for customers. If you’re going to invest in your business, invest in your talent, as their success is your success.

About Hutchinson Consulting, An Arch Company

At Hutchinson Consulting, our mission is to provide the best possible match between people and companies, cultivate lasting relationships, and to be at the forefront of developing initiatives and wellness brands. As hospitality recruitment experts, we partner businesses with exceptional talent via a proprietary database of 20,000 top candidates. We have a deep understanding of your most important asset and know what an enormous difference each hire can make to your business and your bottom line. Find your next top talent today.

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