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We lend our knowledge and experience to hospitality & wellness industry professionals to create a sphere of discussion which can assist them in their development.

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How to Plan With Purpose

Though fall tends to be high season for budgeting for the coming year in the hospitality biz, soliciting ideas for improving the business and boosting

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What to Know Before Hiring a Former Employee

The spa industry is one that is known for a workforce that changes jobs rather frequently. For some wellness businesses, this may mean being presented with the conundrum of possibly rehiring a former employee. The question is, should you do it?

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Establishing your Worth

Wages, salary, pay, compensation, earnings, income. These are a few words that are often synonymous with conflict. Ultimately, what you earn should engender positive feelings, but for many, reflecting on the topic can create feelings of discomfort. The two most common ways a worker can jump the wage barrier is by changing jobs or increasing workload and responsibilities.

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Standing on Ceremony

Ceremony is present in almost every stage of life. In honor of the New Year, holidays, birthdays, marriages, and more, ceremony is a way for us to celebrate. Many spas use ceremony as a way to bless a new spa opening or to set an intention for the practice of healing within the spa itself. Rituals are often used in spa menus to localize the experience by helping to create authenticity for our guests. Ceremonies have been prevalent since the beginning of time. The act of a ceremony itself helps prepare us all in anticipation of a life event and can often alleviate stress. They can help create safety for some and offer protection to those who are resistant to change. In history, ceremonies were often seen as lessening the chance for bad events when superstition played a large role in everyday life. Regardless of the reason a ceremony is performed, it is an accepted and often expected path by the traditions of a community and can be an exceptional addition to the workplace.

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