Hutchinson Consulting Launches Coffee With the Coaches

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To help our industry friends and colleagues during this time of unsettling and unexpected career changes, Hutchinson Consulting has launched a new weekly web series that provides career advice from the company’s experienced executive recruiters. Each week, partner Michael Tompkins and one of the members of the recruiting team will spend 30 minutes on a Zoom video chat where they will tackle an important topic and provide insight, advice, and feedback. Attendees with leave each session with tangible tools for advancing their careers.

Coffee With the Coaches takes place each Wednesday at 1pm ET (10 am PT).

Topics and registration links are listed below.

April 8
Michael Tompkins & Jean Kolb
Mental Well-Being and Focus
It’s important to make your mental wellbeing a priority so that you can focus on highlighting and improving your skill sets and build your self-confidence while you focus on career growth.

April 15
Michael Tompkins & Karen Butler
Best Resume Practices
Use your downtime to update your resume so that it makes the most impact.

April 22
Michael Tompkins & Kristine Huffman
The current crisis can be overwhelming, particularly for those who have been laid off or furloughed. Get helpful tips for adapting to these unexpected life changes and learn how to emerge stronger than before. 

April 29
Michael Tompkins & Julie Keller Callaghan
Discover why networking is still important during the COVID-19 quarantine, and score tips for doing it effectively while remote.

May 6
Michael Tompkins & Karen Butler
LinkedIn & Social Media
Get advice for creating a strong LinkedIn profile and learn why it’s vital to have a clean social media footprint.

May 13
Michael Tompkins & Julie Ambrosini
Phone & Video Interview Tips
As remote interviewing becomes more common, learn strategies and best practices to make the most of phone and video interviews.

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