Building up Your Brand’s Identity

In our inter-connected world, customers now have access to your company across multiple digital platforms. Don’t shy away from this opportunity – think of it as an exciting way engage your customers through smart and effective branding. In the booming hospitality and wellness industries, your brand’s identity is key to building up your customer base and keeping them coming back again and again.

  1. Cohesive Visuals – Develop a visual story that captures the essence of your brand. Not sure where to begin? This process should start with your logo and branch out to social media, signage in your lobbies, and even your guest’s room key. Think of McDonald’s iconic golden arches – most would agree that they leave an impression of Americana whether you encounter them from the interstate or at the end of a commercial. Successful branding should leave a desirable impression with your customers.
  1. Stay On Message – With so many channels for customers to discover your brand, it’s more important now than ever that your company stays on message. If you haven’t already, sit down with your team to develop a mission statement. An effective mission statement blends your company’s core values with it’s purpose in a message that sticks. From this message, you can develop your print materials, advertisements, reservations scripts, social media and more. In short – every message from your brand should sound like it’s coming from the same voice.
  1. Build a Brand Book – Communicating your brand’s identity will be carried out through the individuals that make up the brand – your employees. Empower your employees to live out your core values and mission statement. When they are successful, your company’s culture will thrive and your customers will notice. A Brand Book is an excellent resource that you can supply your employees. Your Brand Book should include important elements like logos, primary and secondary colors, fonts, sample advertisements, mission statement and core values.

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