Julie Keller Callaghan Joins Hutchinson Consulting

Julie Marketing Photo

Julie Keller Callaghan, the former editor-in-chief and publisher of American Spa, has joined Hutchinson Consulting as an executive recruiter and marketing and communications specialist.  Keller Callaghan led the American Spa team for the past 15 years and is an advocate and influencer in the wellness world. Under her leadership, the award-winning brand evolved to include a print publication, a popular […]

Time is of the Essence

By Allie Hembree Martin In this time of low unemployment, potential job candidates have the upper hand in the hiring process as they have many opportunities available to them. Often, they are looking for title gain, salary gain, and/or a company that allows them to move up the ladder quickly. I talked to Hutchinson Consulting […]

Training Your Reservations Team Is Crucial

By Allie Hembree Martin Consumers have more than enough properties to choose from – so why should they choose yours? I spoke with Hutchinson Consulting Partner Carol Stratford on three steps that properties can take to increase sales by focusing on the reservation sales team. Stratford shared a recent experience she had working with an […]

Hiring the Right Healing Professionals

By Allie Hembree Martin There’s an art to building a good team of healing professionals.  As in sports, the right recruit will strengthen your team and your business.  The wrong choice will upset the team’s balance and might lead to a losing streak.  I asked Hutchinson Consulting Partner Kristine Huffman for tips on how to […]

Low Unemployment Rate, High Confidence in the Returns

By Allie Hembree Martin The United States unemployment rate is 3.6 percent, the lowest it has been since the 1960s. I sat down to talk with Hutchinson Consulting Partner Michael Tompkins to find out why, now more than ever, companies need to be using recruiters to fill their vacancies. AHM: Why in this economy is […]