Management recruiting for leading hotels, resorts and spas

◊ Our team of hospitality recruiters has over a century of experience.

◊ We maintain a data base of thousands of top-level hotel managers, resort managers, and spa managers.

◊ For families of wealth seeking an estate manager or a chief of staff, we conduct discreet, confidential searches.

◊ We find, screen, and reference check the finest managers in the hospitality business.
◊ Our clients include some of the most distinguished hotels, resorts, and spas in the United States . . . and internationally.

◊ Our hospitality recruiting firm will save you time and money—
by presenting to you only candidates who are highly qualified for
your hospitality management position.

◊ We have integrity. We don't push marginal candidates forward. We tell the truth.  We are transparent to both clients and candidates. We don't call our clients' managers to entice them in a new position. We seek long-term relationships and are not after the fast buck.